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Monday, July 16, 2012 - Lynne Smith named Mended Hearts Nurse of the Year
  Lynne Smith, a registered nurse in the Critical Care Unit at Methodist Medical Center, was named the Mended Hearts Nurse of the Year by the organization’s Oak Ridge Chapter.  Smith was presented the award by Mended Hearts’ Hoyt Huston.
Lynne Smith, a registered nurse in the Critical Care Units at Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, has been named the “Nurse of the Year” by the Oak Ridge Chapter of Mended Hearts. 

Smith, a registered nurse for 30 years, provides care for patients in the Critical Care Unit including patients recovering from cardiac and cardiovascular surgery.

Christine Simmons, RN, BSN, manager of the Critical Care Units at Methodist comments, “I am inspired to observe how she remains engaged, enthusiastic and excited, while providing care to her patients and families.”

Smith is described as a positive leader and role model among her peers. She provides orientation to new nurses and is a valued resource in the Critical Care Units as others seek her advice on patient issues.

Smith’s nomination recognizes her dedication to her patients as she helps them to regain their health and quality of life.

Simmons notes that Smith forms bonds with her patients. “She does not see them as ‘a heart procedure’ or ‘a ventilator patient,’” Simmons says.  “She views them as people who have needs above and beyond medical care. Lynne makes a special effort to smile when speaking to them and make them at ease. She shares their heartaches and sad moments – she also shares their good times and laughs along with them.”

Simmons says that Smith is the “definition of nursing” in that she provides holistic care and concern for those who need her.

Mended Hearts, Inc. is a nationwide support organization for people with heart disease and their families.  Each year the national organization offers the Sydney & Helen Shuman Nurse Recognition Award, which honors nurses who make a positive difference in the care of heart patients during treatment and recovery.  Chapters from across the nation submit nominations, and this year, the Oak Ridge Chapter selected Smith, whom they also honored with their own award during their June meeting.