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Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - Targeting Cancer Like Never Before: Cone Beam CT

   Cone Beam CT
  • More accurate radiation delivery
  • Reduces side effects to other parts of the body
  • Allows for a safer, larger delivery of radiation
  • Works with Methodist’s existing Linear Accelerator
  • An improvement from conventional radiation therapy
  • CT scan is captured immediately before radiation
  • Knowledge of organs’ positions prior to radiation delivery
  • Used with any type of cancer
The diagnosis of cancer is scary enough without the added worry of how the very treatments that are supposed to help cure you might damage other healthy parts of your body. But thanks to the addition of a new level of technology, patients of Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist can rest assured they are receiving the best care, close to home.

Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist has incorporated Cone Beam technology into its existing linear accelerator, which delivers radiation to cancer patient. This addition allows for more targeted radiation treatments. This will enable the center to offer patients a better chance at not just surviving cancer, but thriving after radiation treatment.   

Used with any type of cancer, Cone Beam CT is more accurate, it reduces side effects to other parts of the body, and it allows for a safer, larger delivery of radiation. 

Cone Beam technology is an improvement from conventional radiation therapy planning, which uses a CT scan taken several days prior to the treatment. With Cone Beam, a CT scan is captured the moment before a patient receives radiation, ensuring the accuracy of the radiation beam.     

Structures move within the body making targeted radiation difficult.  With the use of this added technology, radiation oncologists and therapists know exactly where a patient’s organs lie at the moment of radiation delivery, and exactly where the cancer is located, allowing them to direct the radiation to the desired target and saving the rest of body from unnecessary exposure.

“Cone Beam allows us not only to treat the patient but zero in on the tumor every single day,” says Ken Strike, MD, radiation oncologist at Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist.  “It helps us minimize the side effects for our patients and allows us to treat patients we never could have treated before. We’re saving the strong parts of the heart, the lung, the prostate and attacking only the tumor. I think the Cone Beam truly will be a game changer.”

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