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Mommy 2 Mommy

Mommy 2 Mommy


Life can be difficult when you’re a new mom living in a new place.

Methodist’s Family Education Program and the Oak Ridge-area “Mommy2Mommy” network are helping women in this situation not only survive, but also thrive. While many of the moms who are active in the program and the network live in Oak Ridge and surrounding areas, these activities are open to everyone.

The Family Education Program offers a wide range of family classes, as well as lunches, movies and field trips for new mothers and their children. The “Mommy” network grew out of the program when women started getting together after the organized events for walks, trips to a playground, or visits to the local library with their children.

A calendar of upcoming events is provided to the right, as is a feedback form if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the "Mommy2Mommy" program. We hope you are able to take advantage of our wonderful opportunities and join us soon!