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Thursday, February 25, 2010 - The Heart of the Community – Methodist Medical Center History

The Methodist Medical Center Foundation has sponsored the documentation of our unique history to preserve our heritage of service to Oak Ridge and the surrounding area.

The Heart of the Community, Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge, 1943 – 2008 is a beautiful, coffee-table style book filled with historical photographs, anecdotes and details. The books are now available for purchase in the MMC gift shop, Foundation office, and

The Methodist Medical Center Foundation is very grateful to the following individuals who so generously shared their rich stories of Methodist Medical Center as part of the research for this history project:

Betty Cantwell
Nancy Crews
Betty Daley
Dr. Charles E. Darling
Louise Dunlap
Jenny Edgar
Dr. Earl and Connie Eversole
Clyde Hopkins
Mary Anne King
Dr. Ralph Kniseley
Delores “Dee” Kress
Pam Lawson
Ralph Lillard
Margene Lyon
Lois Mallett
Coletta Manning
George Mathews 
David McCoy
Dr. Cletus J. McMahon
Jan McNally
Randy McNally
Dr. Francis Reid
Dr. Robert Ricks
Cande Seay
Rev. Jack Sills
Ken Sommerfeld
Dr. Paul Spray
Dr. David Stanley
Marcia Todkill
Lois Ward
Ashlyn Whisnant
Bill Wilcox
Dr. Albert Wiley

A special thanks also goes to our fabulous committee of volunteers: Nancy Gray – chair, Pat Clark, Stacy Myers, Bonnie Nestor, Linda Smalley, D. Ray Smith, Dr. Paul Spray, Dr. David Stanley, Bill Wilcox, Jeanie Wilcox and Karen Wilken.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, please contact the MMC Foundation at (865) 835-5262, email, or visit