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Monday, May 30, 2011 - Clinton Woman Walking Testment to "Amazing Care" at Methodist Joint Replacement Center

For several years, Geraldine Monroe of Clinton, 64, lived with pain in her left knee, but no doctor thought anything was seriously wrong. Finally, in Sept 2010, Monroe found the source of the pain when she visited orthopedic specialist, Dr. Brian S. Edkin.  Dr. Edkin is one of the eight members of the all board-certified team of orthopedic surgeons who make up the Methodist Joint Replacement Center in Oak Ridge.



“It hurt all the time. Dr. Edkin said it was bone on bone,” said Monroe. With the normal knee cartilage worn away by osteoarthritis, the inside portion of Monroe’s left knee joint did not have its natural padding, and the ball of the joint was scraping against the socket. The only option was to replace the inner portion of the knee, called a partial knee replacement.



“He said the other side is OK so he didn’t have to do the (whole knee replacement),” said Monroe.



A partial knee surgery is possible if arthritis is limited to one area of the knee, and the patient still has the ligaments intact. The benefits of a partial knee replacement are that the scar is slightly smaller, and recovery can be quicker.



In Monroe’s case, she had a scar four to five inches long, and was out of bed shortly afterward. “After surgery, the next thing you know I’m up and moving around,” said Monroe. “They take you to therapy the next morning. The surgery was on a Wednesday, and I went home on Friday.”



Monroe said her surgery at Methodist went so smoothly in part because of the pre-operative class she took. All patients at the Methodist Joint Replacement Center take a class before their surgery, to know what to expect during and after their hospital stay.



“The class was very nice,” she said. “They tell you everything you want to learn. They give you a book that explains what they’re going to do, so that was helpful. They show you the (knee replacement) device and how it works.”



Monroe said she would definitely recommend the Methodist Joint Replacement Center to others who need a joint replacement.



“The hospital just treated me so well it was amazing. Whatever you need, they’re there. The people are extremely nice there. The nurses even sent me a card when I got home.”



Just a few weeks afterward, Monroe said she could bend her knee 90 degrees.



“I don’t have any problem at all,” she said. “I know that I have felt one hundred percent better since I had the surgery done. I think Methodist is a great hospital. The doctors and nurses there are amazing – now I can out-walk my daughter!”