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    Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge offers a variety of cancer-related services.  In addition to inpatient hospital care, three specialized outpatient clinics provide state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment:

    Comprehensive Breast Clinic

    This clinic helps women facing the discovery of a breast lump, an abnormal mammogram, or the diagnosis of breast cancer.  The clinic is dedicated to supportive care, including reducing wait time between mammography reports and follow-up testing/diagnosis.  A caring staff helps women understand what to expect as they undergo tests and receive treatment, and provides support and guidance.   

    Doctors on the Comprehensive Breast Clinic medical staff include board-certified radiologists associated with the Oak Ridge Breast Center who specialize in mammography, as well as board-certified pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. These doctors work with genetics counselors, dieticians, therapists specializing in treatment of lymphedema, and other highly trained healthcare professionals at Methodist Medical Center.  

    Oak Ridge Breast Center

    The Oak Ridge Breast Center, which is associated with Methodist, is accredited by the American College of Radiology and have been recognized as a Center of Excellence. This means that the Center meeets high national standards, with a staff that is trained and certified in performing/interpreting mammograms, ultrasound and needle biopsy.  Equipment is state-of-the-art -- the digital system at Oak Ridge Breast Center allows a radiologist specializing in mammography to manipulate breast images in order to see the tissue more clearly and detect problems more easily.

    For More Information
    To learn more about the Comprehensive Breast Clinic at Methodist, call 865-835-5223.

    Comprehensive Chest Clinic of East Tennessee

    This clinic is one of only a few programs of its type in America, and it has a specific mission:  To reduce the time between finding what may be cancer in the chest and completing the patient’s evaluation and diagnosis. The idea is to start treatment as soon as possible.

    The clinic relies on the skill and expertise of Methodist Medical Center doctors whose specialty is treating chest diseases and cancer. They include pulmonologists, cardiothoracic surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, pathologists and radiologists. Ideally, within one week of diagnosis patients will meet all the doctors who will be providing their care. Patients realize important benefits from this system, including:

    • Easier referrals and access to treatment
    • Better coordination of care
    • The potential for improved outcomes

    A primary physician may refer a patient to the Comprehensive Chest Clinic after detecting an abnormality on a chest x-ray or CT.   The patient’s first appointment through the clinic is typically with a lung specialist, or pulmonologist, who examines the abnormality in question and evaluates for further testing to make a diagnosis. If the pulmonologist diagnoses cancer, the patient may be referred to a thoracic surgeon and/or cancer specialist. These professionals will determine whether the patient needs surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment.  Methodist Medical Center physicians evaluate the best care options and discuss them all with the patient and family.

    Healing is truly a team effort.
    For more information about the Comprehensive Chest Clinic, call (865) 835-5224.

    Thompson Cancer Survival Center at Methodist

    Thompson at Methodist pioneered the treatment of lung, cervical, uterine and vaginal cancer with high-dose-rate brachytherapy. This advance reduces side effects and treatment times for patients and minimizes the risk of exposure to patients' families and caregivers.

    The 120-leaf collimator at Thompson at Methodist targets cancer with incredible precision, delivering a high dose of radiation to the tumor with minimum damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

    The chest clinic at Thompson at Methodist has a coordinated, expedited process to confirm each patient's diagnosis and agree upon the treatment plan within a week of the original referral, so treatment can begin without delay.

    For additional information, call (865) 835-4500.