Here When You Need Us

Each year, Methodist Medical Center’s Emergency Care Center treats approximately 45,000 patients.  The facility is equipped with 38 treatment rooms and two trauma suites with immediate access to our ambulance bay and helipad.  The center offers imaging services within the department to provide rapid testing and treatment.

A large staff team center in the Emergency Department makes the nursing staff and doctors more accessible to patients and their families. It also helps improve communications.

For the convenience of patients and their families, a “greeter” is stationed in the Emergency Department’s lobby during peak hours.  The greeter quickly notifies a nurse if a patient requires immediate attention and provides comfort, if needed, and information for the family while the patient waits to be evaluated, undergoes tests and receives treatment.

A Word About Waiting

We provide different levels of service to a variety of patients with Emergent (life-threatening), Urgent (not immediately life-threatening) and Non-urgent needs in our Emergency Department.

Depending upon the severity of your illness or injury, you may not be treated in the order in which you arrived.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our admission process.