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About The Joint Replacement Center

Joint Replacement Center room with nurses

If your hips or knees are damaged due to arthritis, injury or overuse,  joint replacement may be an option to get you back on your feet. While surgery might not seem like great news, the quality of care available to patients at the Methodist Joint Replacement Center is great news! The specialized joint replacement program offers patients and family members a new approach for joint replacement.

The all-private, 12-suite center incorporates a highly skilled team of clinical professionals and an innovative care approach that improves outcomes, reduces side effects, minimizes pain and speeds recovery for hip and knee replacement patients. Patients typically return home after a two- to three-night stay.

Because patients undergoing joint replacement surgery are typically healthy, they’re motivated to get out of bed and recover from their procedure as quickly as possible. While they’re in the unit, they wear their own clothing rather than hospital gowns, and they’re encouraged to get up from bed to exercise and interact with others in the unit. The friendships — and competitiveness — that develops as a result of the group dynamic helps patients recover more quickly. 

A Dedicated Joint Unit

  • Nurses, therapists and certified nursing assistants who specialize in the care of joint patients
  • 12 spacious private rooms designed to accommodate special rehab recliners and comfortable sleeper chairs for family members who will be encouraged to “room-in” during the recovery process


A Culture of Wellness and Early Patient Mobility

  • Emphasis on group activities as well as individual care
  • Daily newsletters to keep patients and coaches informed and let them know what to expect for the upcoming day
  • Family and friends educated to participate as “coaches” in the recovery process

A Focus on Patient and Family Satisfaction*

  • A Joint Care Coordinator who works with patients from beginning with preoperative education through their hospital stay and discharge
  • A comprehensive patient guide for patients and family members to follow before and after surgery

Physician Excellence

  • The area’s leading orthopedic surgeons participate in the Methodist Joint Replacement Center
  • Every participating physician is board certified