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As we age, so do our joints. If you’re encountering pain in your hips and knees due to arthritis, overuse during sports or physical activity, or an injury, the dedicat­ed staff at the Methodist Medical Center’s Joint Center is here to help. Many times, joint pain can be relieved through gentle exercise, physical therapy and medication. But if pain is keeping you from the activities you enjoy most or affects your overall quality of life, it may be time to consider joint replace­ment surgery.

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At Methodist, your experi­ence is important. Undergoing a joint replacement procedure can be a life-changing event, and our specialists will be with you every step of the way. Are you ready to declare your freedom from hip or knee pain?

Step 1: Meet Your Joint Care Coordinator

From the moment a patient en­rolls in the program, a joint care coordinator is assigned to the pa­tient and the patient’s family. The coordinator will address any ques­tions or concerns before and after surgery.

A comprehensive guide is provided so every patient knows what to expect from start to fin­ish. Patients are enrolled in an educational class before surgery to learn as much as possible about their procedure. They also learn steps to take to help ensure that surgery goes well, such as adding joint strengthening activities to their daily routine and continuing their exercise regimen.

Step 2: Undergo Minimally Invasive Surgery

Thanks to advances in technol­ogy, highly skilled board-certified orthopedic surgeons can use mini­mally invasive techniques to help you return home sooner with de­creased risk of infection and blood loss. Some patients may stay in the hospital for one or two days following joint replacement sur­gery, while some may have their procedure on an outpatient basis and return home the same day. In the past, patients may have had to wait a couple of weeks to return home after a traditional orthope­dic surgery. 

Step 3: Recover with Family Close By

The Joint Replacement Center includes 12 large private patient rooms, each with space for fam­ily members. Our medical staff encourages family to room-in as the patient recovers. Each room features special rehabilitation recliners for the patient to use while regaining strength and balance through short exercises. As patients recover, they receive one-on-one time with a physical therapist. These specialists en­courage family members to be coaches during therapy sessions.

Group activities are also avail­able to help reintroduce patients to a daily routine. In addition to help­ing move patients and their fami­lies from pre- to post-surgery, our medical staff provides newsletters to let patients know what activities are scheduled for that day.

Step 4: Stay on Track with Outpatient Therapy Services

Once a patient returns home, outpatient therapy begins. Pa­tients have a choice of facilities, including Methodist Therapy Ser­vices in Oak Ridge. At Methodist Therapy Services, all patients get one-on-one time with a physical therapist as they regain strength, range of motion and the ability to perform daily tasks, such as get­ting dressed and bathing. Flexible therapy schedules are available so patients can get the care they need at a convenient time.


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